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Building blocks for your module's UI

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A tour by UX-Team members on designing interfaces in Drupal 7.
September 4, 2009 - 13:40 - 14:30
La Galerie
User experience and design
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There are more interface patterns available to Drupal module developers then ever before. Drupal has standars for writing code. But what about the interface?

Tabs, accordions, fieldsets, overlays, hover links etc. When to use which?

Join Bojhan Somers and Roy Scholten from the UX-Team for a tour of the available options and some advice on when to use each one. Consider this talk the kick-off for getting our ui-pattern library in shape. It's been asked for a lot.

We will cover the following topics :

  • UI-Pattrens
  • Best practices (designing for context)
  • Users mental model vs. Drupal's implementation model
  • Experiences from the field

We'll have a look at a couple modules, explore their functionality and show you how to choose and apply the right pattern for your interface.

With the Drupal 7 release on the horizon and the excellent D7CX initiative, *now* is the time to take advantage of these new patterns.

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