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All youre (x)html(5) are belong to us!

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All youre (x)html(5) are belong to us! - The Mothership attacks the markup of Drupal
September 3, 2009 - 13:40 - 14:30
User experience and design
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Drupal comes with a lot(!) of predefined markup & css.
Modules are adding styles and markup to the themes and so themers have limited control over whats going on inside the theme - that works well for some themers - others not so much.. or to put in other words:

"WTF does all this bib markup do in my bib site - aaargh for bib sake, Gimme lean mean mother bib 'ing markup"

The Mothership is a theme thats build in the opposite way normal drupal practice: clean out "useless" markup & remove classes that clutters op what should be beautiful source.

This session is NOT for people who dosnt care about their markup and how sweet it could(!) be.
...or anyone who dont have a sense of humor


  • Why even bother about the markup?
    its just html...
    why design and markup and css is a hot threesome, but getting to choose whos gonna be there! is crusial
  • Why Developers are spawns of evil - and themers are heros that will safe the day + get the prince / princess
    2 different perspectives - or is it really (really) that different?
    How to kiss on the first date (and why developers are hotties)
    How to get a themer to call you in the morning
  • Inheritance
    a pre loader for other themes?
  • Take out the crap!
    Dude I didnt ask for that class so get it outta my markup RFN!
  • CCK
    no more divitis
  • views 2
    win & losses. quick n dirty clean up
  • how to be a views rockstar rocking the tiplphips
  • plays well with others
    how to use ze mothership with you themes engines (oooh real live demos)
  • Hot barenaked men!
    how to give sweet love back to the D.
  • Cagefight