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Continuous Integration and Drupal

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A real-world presentation on how to bulletproof your Drupal development process with EC2, Hudson, Simpletest, Selenium and JMeter
September 4, 2009 - 11:20 - 12:10
La Galerie
Code it, test it, deploy it
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Note: this description needs to be updated.

Austin Smith, David Strauss, Josh Koenig, Stewart Robinson and Moshe Weitzman present real-world lessons learned and practical how-to examples for creating a robust Continuous Integration environment for enterprise-level Drupal development.

This talk will briefly explain the concept and value Continuous Integration (CI), but focus primarily on the nuts and bolts challenges and techniques of getting a CI environment working with Drupal. The touchstone for our presentation is a case-study of the infrastructure developed by The Economist Group ( to utilize four teams in five timezones from London to California to effectively collaborate on developing a complex, high performance Drupal application.

Specific topics we will cover include:

  • Continuous integration overview: what it is, how it works,why it rocks
  • Using Amazon EC2 to build a low-cost testing cluster
  • Configuring Hudson to manage your integration processes
  • Triggering simpletests for automatic unit testing
  • Using jMeter to benchmark your application
  • Setting up selenium for functional testing with multiple browsers
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This is a session I'd hate to miss, good to see the best practices getting some limelight!


This session is being expanded to also include a review of the exciting and innovative infrastructure, so it won't be all-Economist all-the-time.

What's meant by the "panel" session type?

I'm very interested in this topic; just a little confused what's meant by the "Panel" session type.

Continuous Integration with Hudson and Olio

Josh, et al,

As I mentioned to you, project Olio might be a more productive test automator/load generator than JMeter. It's still a bit immature, but worth looking at. I might give a crack at it myself, and can certainly put you in touch with the core maintainers.