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Real-time End-User Theme Configuration

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How to allow the real-time customization of your theme by its end-users
September 2, 2009 - 11:20 - 12:10
David Weill
User experience and design
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By changing a theme's settings, an end-user can add their logo or mission statement, change some colors if the theme's designed to work with the color module, or adjust any other settings the themer has made available. These could be fields that allow you to change specific pieces of text or modify the page-layout. But what if you have a lot of custom settings - say about 300 - and you want to see the changes made to these settings in real time? Well with a little help from jQuery and jQuery UI, you can add this type of functionality to your theme.

Click here to watch a 1 minute demo of this type of functionality.

In this presentation I will walk you though how this functionality was implemented at that Harvard Stem Cell Institute to allow researchers to adjust the design of their labs' websites. And I'll show you how to add these types of features to your own themes.

UPDATE: With four minutes to go, the slides and draft module can be found here:

UPDATE: BOF on Thursday at 4:10 to discuss these ideas and others. Meet on the lawn.

that looks pretty awesome :)

that looks pretty awesome :)

Indeed, quite awesome...

I will look forward to this. Especially as I'm building out an advanced 960gs theme that allows for crazy grid configuration from the theme settings. My end goal is to have the entire grid available for drag & drop & resizing via the theme settings page.

I know a good amount of jQuery, but never the less, what I'm hoping to implement seems like a daunting task.
This sounds like a great session!

Sounds interesting indeed =)

The video is impressive that's for sure!

I hope this sessino gets in.



manuee, she can have my slot if its not picked! This looks too good to _not_ have on the agenda.


three things...

1) I hope its easy

2) I'm sure it's not

3) This is totally the theme builder tool that uses, and i love it. video

Just adding a link here, since it's hard to find these videos:

Real-timeEnd-UserThemeConfiguration on