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Basics of making a mobile website with Drupal

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Basics of making a mobile website with Drupal
September 2, 2009 - 17:15 - 18:00
David Weill
Code it, test it, deploy it
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Going mobile is gaining importance and increasing numbers of users are accessing your website through their mobile devices. Still little amount of sites are prepared for this behaviour and offer non-optimal experiences.

With a few simple steps this experience can be optimized, and this is where this session will be about! How to go mobile with your existing Drupal installation, or design your Drupal site specifically for mobile.

The session will guide you through the basics of making a mobile website, the tools, pitfalls, etc...

As an example the mobile version of DrupalCon Paris made by me, will be analyzed.

During the session I will give some practical examples on what can be done with some of the mobile modules in the repositories

The session will start from a clean Drupal site and end with a mobile... If time, more details can be given on mobile advertising and analytics!!

A must see if you're

A must see if you're interested in mobile internet!

Can't wait

Sounds like an interesting session.

We built a mobile version of our site at ataxi for iPhone. It looks if the user has an iPhone and alters the site on theme level and in phone number encoding. Would love to hear about more general approach.


P.S. The other module mentioned in the session: browscap