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Drupal and Microsoft

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Drupal and Microsoft
September 3, 2009 - 14:50 - 15:40
La Resserre
Business development and strategy
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Windows and SQL Server for PHP and Drupal

PHP on Windows has been around for over 10 years, but only recently it has become a primary PHP deployment platform. Microsoft is now actively working directly with the community to enhance PHP for Windows. PHP 5.3 has made PHP on Windows a production ready solutions and deployment platform for PHP applications. This session will describe the why PHP 5.3 became the best PHP on Windows yet, and take you through some of the changes that has made it most viable for deploying customer applications. Through examples and demos you will see how Drupal has and can greatly benefit from being deployed on the Windows platform, providing ever more value to your customers.

Cloud and evolution of the Microsoft platform
The second part of the session will focus on PHP integration and interaction with Azure, the Microsoft Cloud Computing platform. You’ll see why Cloud computing is not “just another host”, and how it solves some complex problems you’re faced with in your day-to-day projects. We’ll specifically dwell on those points:

  • Hosting PHP in the cloud
  • Using the Cloud for Data
  • Leveraging the Cloud as an identity hub
  • An Internet service bus : why and how?
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