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AF83: mix equal parts of passion for web tech, mobile apps, user interaction research and graphic design. Stir delicately. Serve with lots of coffee, sit back and enjoy the smooth blend.

AF83 is a young web agency based in Paris and San Francisco with offices in Lisbon. Our in-house staff of 60+ slightly deranged chefs keeps cooking up some of the tastiest RubyOnRails and Drupal sites out there. We might even spice things up with Turbulences, our own Open Source Web Development Framework and bring for desert some Chocolate Chip Erlang for your massively scalable and yummy live web application.

And so you won't get tired of our menu we invest heavily in R&D.

We're currently serving a clientele of mobile phone operators, major music labels and French presidential candidates, and when the kitchen is closed we facilitate Drupalcamps, code sprints, pro-bono development efforts and now AF83 is one of the main driving force behind DrupalConParis with a dedicated team of 5 persons: leading the organization (Joeri Poesen), coordinating (Isabell Schulz), taking care of the venue and catering (Nestor Fernandez Conde), getting key accounts (Ori Pekelman) and not least working on the program (Damien Tournoud).

With the rest of the team we will be happy to see you in Paris and share some recipes.

Job offers :

Sorry no job offers at the moment.