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Drupal for Good meet-up

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Discussions on Drupal for Good, social activism and government organization.
September 2, 2009 - 14:50 - 15:40
From zero to hero
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A meeting to discuss an share experiences on progressive, citizenish, good and socially conscious Drupal initiatives.

Across its history, Drupal has shown itself as an important ally for good initiatives - grassroots political campaigns, big big big public international organizations, efforts to preserve minority languages, government efforts, NGOs, community organizing, - well, name it.

We may discuss:

- How Drupal is helping society across the world (name your project here!)
- Why Drupal is fit for these purposes (flexibility, low-cost, community, open-sourceness?)
- How to make Drupal better for these purposes (distros, usability, organizing ourselves inside Drupal community?)
- Anything related to these initatives (name it!)
- And why this is important for Drupal World Domination (wait, this item should belong to the Drupal for Evil group)