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DrupalCamp Paris 4

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DrupalCamp Paris 4
September 1, 2009 - 13:00 - 17:00
Business development and strategy
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During the first day of the first DrupalCon in Paris, DrupalCampParis4 will be held : an event open for all, conference participants as well as anyone who would like to show up (but do register... we have to know how many people come)! Alongside, Frederic Marand, an expert trainer will hold a Views 2 for coders 4 hours hands-on training workshop.

The Camp

What is a DrupalCamp? Inspired by the BarCamp events, DrupalCamp is a small (to medium sized) gathering of like minded people to discuss and learn about Drupal, share ideas, get involved in the community, connect and network with people. We have already held three very successful events in Paris; in the tradition of BarCamps this is an open and free (of charge) event, with no predetermined program...

To register go to:

The DrupalCamp will be a great moment for those of you who are new to Drupal to get to know what this wonderful platform is about, and what a lovely community fosters it.