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Kill your programmer - Easy Installing Drupal modules and themes in D7

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Kill your programmer - Easy Installing Drupal modules and themes in D7
From zero to hero
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I just want a website.
Why the hell not?

I heard that Drupal does everything you want and more
Of course it does

I heard that it was free
Like beer

I heard it was easy to set it up yourself

I can add on all kinds of free themes and modules that do anything from mapping your house to doing your taxes
Yeah! 2500 and counting!

Anyone can install new modules! and update them when they change
No! You have to be a geek, with geek tools. You have to learn stuff.

But I hate learning new stuff, I'll try IRC

Are you brain damaged?

Forget it, I'm going to use Drupal 7. It's got a built-in interface to browse for new modules and themes and install them securely.

It also tells me when my modules and themes are out of date, and will install them for me.

Damn, I can fire that guy I hired to build my website now

Um... I'm not sure we're there yet, but getting closer

</catchy dialog>

I'm going to be demonstrating the next evolution for the plugin manager. We're putting this amazing functionality in core and giving it a bit of a code overhaul.

What does this mean to you?

* Easier to build sites by just "clicking and picking" modules and themes

* Easier to maintain sites, just go to available updates, check off the modules and themes that need updates and hit go.

* Install profiles are a little less useless. Download required modules when you are installing a Drupal install profile

See this Screencast for a preview.

There should be editing functionality for plugins

I personally believe there should be editing functionality for plugins. Like wordpress, where you can edit plugin files right from your WP admin interface.

It would be great. I haven't used D7 yet but planning to work on it soon for a new project. Plugin manager idea is cool.

typo in link to plugin_manager

D7 release

So when does it go PRIMETIME? I've seen a few patches to the plugin_manager already, but not sure if it is stable yet.