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Reinventing Journalism with Drupal

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How to build a small city newspaper / online community from scratch.
September 3, 2009 - 13:40 - 14:30
La Resserre
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Many are calling 2009 the year that spelled the death of the newspaper as we know it. The very business model is under attack, as papers struggle with dying ad revenues.

This session discusses how to build a small city newspaper from scratch in Drupal. We'll walk through the process of planning, designing, building and launching a new publication that's largely community-based.

We'll discuss how to create and encourage an active community of citizen bloggers. For most online newspapers, public discourse and commentary has been hijacked by a cadre of vocal individuals on the fringe. We'll reveal how we use psychology and user interface to keep these trolls at bay.

Finally, we'll demonstrate how we used Drupal to create new alternatives to display ads through value-added content.

This session will have something for both novice publishers and experienced Drupalers alike.