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Rules: How to leverage rule-based automation on your sites!

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Learn how to use Rules to build your sites and to get the most out of it!
September 2, 2009 - 17:15 - 18:00
La Resserre
From zero to hero
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The session demonstrates how to use the module to easily solve real-world problems by implementing some common use-cases. Thus attendees should get a good picture how to leverage rule-based automation for faster and more flexible site building!

The session starts with a basic introduction to the Rules Module and some related modules providing useful integration. Afterwards it's shown how these tools can be used to implement common use-cases, probably covering:

  • Custom Login Redirects
  • A publishing workflow
  • React on user inactivity
  • Rule-based form validation

Then some recent developments are presented, probably covering:

  • Using rules to provide and use web services
  • Syncing content across multiple sites
  • Making use of RDF-data

As last point we shortly discuss what could be achieved with some further development - "What could be done else?"

To follow the session you should be familiar with drupal and common modules like CCK.

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Would be intersting to see

Would be intersting to see what is being expected in Rules 2.


Of course, this is what I mentioned with "recent developments" above.


Will slides of this presentation be available online? I know there were video recordings, but for fast reference I prefer slides...

I've uploaded them here:

Used rules

Was badly looking for such a module. Very excited to use it.