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Semantic Web fundamentals

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Semantic Web fundamentals: information linking and layering in practice
September 4, 2009 - 10:00 - 11:00
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The World Wide Web is the most successful linked information system that has ever existed. Hidden away in the original 1989 CERN memo proposing the Web are several ideas that are only now reaching fruition via W3C's RDF technology stack. This talk will show in practice how the full 1989 vision for the Web is being realised using RDF-based technologies (RDF/RDFa, SKOS, SPARQL, FOAF, OWL), and how the two concepts of information linking, and information layering are all you really need to understand a powerful suite of tools and standards for Web-based data sharing. You'll learn how the work of librarians, open source advocates, computer scientists and open data activists find common ground in the Semantic Web project, and how the growing Web of linked open data can fit into everyday technology projects.

locating OWL and SKOS thesauri

Someone asked about this... - a good place to start is