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Wham! Pow! Boof! Drupal as a Graphic Novel!

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ComicPlaces! Drupal for Web Comics and other visual blogging
User experience and design
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Started as an 'prove it by doing it' challenge concept in design for presenting in a session at Design4Drupal Boston in June, ComicPlaces is now intended to become an installation profile and theme, to allow anyone to easily use Drupal for Web Comic publishing (or photo blogging, or any other visually focused content management), as well as an good example of 'This does not look like a Drupal site!' to help inspire others to push the envelope of Drupal theming to new heights.

The initial results, as shown in Boston, drew praise from many attendees there, and the development will be continuing, with the end goal being that this project will do for Drupal what ComicPress does for Wordpress.

We will discuss the initial design, the process of building, and the current state of the project. We'll also look at the bigger picture of how developers and designers can better work together and make striking design choices and implement them with Drupal. We'll also explore experimenting with new modules and new ways to use existing modules, and maybe other fun and useful stuff we've discovered along the way as we develop this into a full fledged profile/package.

nice blog... :)

nice blog... :)

what about charts

I run a stock trading blog which I show a lot of high resolution graphs. Can I use this package?

very impressive presentations

I attended the Boston show in June. Got some very good ideas and was very inspired by the technology.