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45 Modules in 45 Minutes - the Best Modules You're Not Using

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No one has all 4000+ modules memorized - here's some gems you may not know about.
September 2, 2009 - 13:40 - 14:30
La Resserre
From zero to hero
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Most Drupal developers are more than familiar with the top 25 Drupal modules in terms of usage (Views, CCK, ImageCache, etc...) But what about the other few thousand modules? Don't have enough hours in the day to sift through them? Take this opportunity to get a vetted list and practical rundowns of each.

This fast-paced session will expose you to 45 of the most useful modules you may not be familiar with, but should be. None of them are from the top 25 most downloaded projects on, but all of them are valuable. You'll learn about various Ubercart, CCK, and Views add-on modules, helpful theming-related modules, and a bevy of head-smacker modules that you won't believe you haven't discovered.

Drupal developers at any level will benefit from this session and walk away with some new tools for your web development arsenal.

If the session doesn't get

If the session doesn't get voted up, can you post the list of modules you were going to discuss?

I'm a liar

I lied about not including any modules from the top 25 most downloaded - I've decided to go even further and exclude any modules from the top 100 most downloaded modules...


Great presentation

Really enjoyed the presentation, thanks!

loads of stuff that I didn't

loads of stuff that I didn't know about. brilliant presentation, thanks.


My slides from this presentation are availabe at