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Geo tools for Drupal

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Mapping, searching and storing locative information in Drupal
September 2, 2009 - 16:10 - 17:00
Code it, test it, deploy it
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The Drupal community has been working together to build tools that help collect, search and map geographically-relevant data for Drupal.

This new generation of Geo tools goes beyond placing pins on a map: you can collect complex and relevant data for legislative lookups, distance searches, and making your information more relevant to users. Through the use of open standards and a flexible framework, these new solutions can work together with other modules to provide mapping, exports and feeds to GIS servers and mashups.

This session builds on the Drupal as a GeoCMS session from DrupalCON DC, and covers the progress so far, including the outcome of the GeoJune initiative.

You will see some cool demos of a variety of applications, and learn about the current status of the Geo and Geocode modules. Geo provides storage not only for points, but also lines and polygons which opens a new world of possibilities for geo data. Geocode can derive geo data from information you already have in Drupal like addresses, city names, track files, and even photos with EXIF data. These tools make Drupal a viable platform for geospatial applications.

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I have been invited to talk about the Drupal OpenLayers project during this time as well. I will probably just demo it and answer any questions.