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Image module in core it's <strike>almost</strike> real!

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A status update and demonstration on core's built-in image handling.
September 3, 2009 - 11:20 - 12:10
David Weill
From zero to hero
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The simplest things can be so hard. Drupal core has never had a way to upload an image and then output a thumbnail it. Of course there are dozens of solutions for making thumbnails in the contributed modules repository, but it will be a huge benifit to new users to have this handling out of the box. The time is at hand for making Drupal's core, default installation come with kick-ass image manipulation abilities. Come see what we've got and we're headed in Drupal 7.

dude im bringing presents

dude im bringing presents from the land up north if this is gonna happen!

A memorial for quicksketch

I heard from a little bird this is going to be an imageapi / filefield / imagefield / imagecache combination.

How long have we been hoping for this? Go, Nathan...