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The state of RDF in Drupal 7

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A retrospecive on RDF in Drupal, where we're headed with RDF in core and how Drupal 7 will change the Web.
September 3, 2009 - 11:20 - 12:10
La Resserre
Code it, test it, deploy it
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Over the years, there has been multiple attempts to integrate RDF and Drupal with many contributed modules like Relationship, Semantic Search or FOAF. None of them has proven to be sustainable and popular until 2007, when the RDF API came out for Drupal 6, followed by many other RDF modules for Drupal 6. This was the beginning of a success story, whose ultimate goal was to be baked into core and turn every Drupal site into food for robots. This is now happening in Drupal 7.

Agenda of the session:

  • provide some basic, practical information on the Semantic Web and its buzz words (RDF, RDFa...), what it's good for and how it can change the Web
  • briefly go through the history of RDF in Drupal to understand where we are coming from
  • look at the current status of RDF in core, and what you can do with it today
  • the new opportunities offered to the contributed modules for Drupal 7
  • open discussion on where we're headed for RDF in Drupal 8

Note that with this lightweight RDF API in core, Drupal 7 will bring new features which are currently not possible to achieve with Drupal 6, even with its plethora of contributed RDF modules.

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Co presenter: Benjamin Melançon

The sessions cannot be edited so I'll leave a comment here to say that Benjamin Melançon is co-presenting with me.

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