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Taxonomy Everywhere: D7 Core Overhaul and the Expanding Contrib Universe

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Drupal 7 brings a complete rebuild of taxonomy that could mean tagging taxonomy terms with other taxonomy terms, and the contrib modules are equally crazy and far more numerous.
September 2, 2009 - 16:10 - 17:00
From zero to hero
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Long a selling point for Drupal, robust categorization and tagging of content is receiving a long overdue overhaul in Drupal 7. Meanwhile, contributed modules continue to be added and improved that leverage taxonomy for displaying, searching, filtering, sorting, and recommending content– and for connecting your site to other sites and classification methods.

Ironically, the plethora of contributed taxonomy modules are as poorly organized and hard to keep track of as any set of Drupal projects. We'll help you make sense of it all.


Agenda includes:

  • Taxonomy module in Drupal 7:
    • Fieldable taxonomy terms.
    • Taxonomy vocabularies as fields.
    • Wait, what does all that even mean?
    • User experience and taxonomy.
  • The world of Taxonomy Contrib:
    • Taxonomy in the age of CCK and Views.
    • Taxonomy-enhancing essential modules.
    • Cool uses of taxonomy: recommendation engines, auto tagging, community managing of content, connecting everything.
    • more...

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Taxonomy performance

You mentioned a module to help with taxonomy performance in D6. Do you have a link? Thanks!