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Accelerated grid theming using NineSixty

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Accelerated grid theming using 960
September 4, 2009 - 16:10 - 17:00
La Galerie
User experience and design
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This session will be co-presented by Todd Nienkerk of Four Kitchens.

Finding the proper starting point for a theme is a long drawn out process for any themer. We struggle with either maintaining our own base theme, starting from Garland, creating a Zen sub-theme, or just writing something from scratch.

This session will cover the 960gs system and how to implement it on your next theme using the ninesixty contributed theme as your starting point.

Session Outline

  • Brief history of grid-based design.
  • Philosophy behind + How it works.
  • Basics of grid-based theming.
  • How the NineSixty theme implements and expands on
    • Content-first layout using "push" and "pull" classes.
    • Dynamic grid widths based on context.
    • Debugging tools and grid visualization.
    • Right-to-left (RTL) language support.
  • Creating versatile, dynamic, and context-based layouts using NineSixty.
    • Subtheming NineSixty.
  • How to build your own, custom grid system.
  • Fluid 960gs?

As Todd and I work towards an outline of the project based off his previous work, and where we might be able to expand the presentation for Drupalcon, this session description will be updated.

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This session looks very interesting but unfortunately I can not make it to Paris. Will the slides be posted online after the conference?


Slides will be available for download at the following sites after the conference: