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Case Study: — how to build a global community portal without programming

Your session in a few words: — how to build a global community portal without programming
September 4, 2009 - 09:00 - 09:45
La Resserre
Business development and strategy
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Sony Ericsson's first Drupal site ever,, was planned, designed and implemented in just 462 hours by a team of five from NodeOne.

Two things made this possible:

  • Very close collaboration between NodeOne's team and the customer.
  • The power of Drupal modules such as CCK, Views, Flag and other which make it possible to build a such complex site with almost no programming.

Building community websites used to be a time consuming expensive process. Thanks to Drupal that is no longer true. In this presentation we will show you how and why!

By the end of this session you will

  • Know how you can leverage the power of Drupal's modularity in a way that radically reduces the need for programming.
  • Have learnt how a global company chose Drupal over proprietary content management systems and shortened time to market by several factors.
  • Got an insider's peek and seeing what's under the hood of the site which was built in less than a month, 160 hours of work and merely 200 lines of code.

The case

Sony Ericsson wanted to build a community website where developers can share their mobile applications with an audience before they are released. The purpose of the site is to enable and encourage communication between developers and the end users in an early stage of development.

Whom it's for

This session is targeted at anyone interested in learning how Drupal can be used to build social web sites in substantially less time than traditionally required.

If your company or organization is considering Drupal, don't miss this unique opportunity to learn of Sony Ericsson's experiences with Drupal.

About the speakers

Fabian von Tiedemann, co-founder of NodeOne, was the project manager of the project.

Fabian has three years experience of managing Drupal projects. A passionate Drupal evangelist, he regularly talks about Drupal to companies and organizations eager to learn how they can use Drupal as part of their web presence strategy.

When not working, Fabian can be found on the golf course or the shores of scenic island Gotland.

Joakim Stai, member of the NodeOne team, was responsible for the Drupal architecture and implementation of

Joakim is a former Google Summer of Code student and a contributor to Drupal core. He is a long-time Drupal aficionado with years of experience developing with Drupal and has a remarkable talent for turning ideas into working solutions.

When not realizing our clients' Drupal dreams, Joakim is DJing and rocks the dance floors with a moving mix of disco and funk.

NodeOne is Sweden's leading Drupal consultancy and agency with 15 employees and offices in major Swedish cities Stockholm and Gothenburg. NodeOne has built over sixty Drupal websites to date, contributed a large number of modules and is a committed member of the Drupal community.

Sony Ericsson is a leading global manufacturer of mobile phones and a joint venture by the Japanese consumer electronics company Sony Corporation and the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson.

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I'd be curious about this, particularly how you worked with your client. I rarely (read *never* to date) come across a client wanting a social network that doesn't require *any* programming, even if just functional tweaks to Drupal like redirects and form alters. I'd love to look under the hood of this implementation too. Got my vote! =)