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Designing Grid Systems Does Not Begin And End With 960

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Designing Grid Systems Does Not Begin And End With 960
September 4, 2009 - 14:50 - 15:40
User experience and design
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Grid Systems should underpin any well-considered web layout. Applying a cookie-cutter approach to this – but using a CSS framework such as Blueprint or 960 (and the Drupal 960 theme) – means you're cutting out a vital process in the design of your site: the design of the grid system itself.

This presentation will detail my grid design process. Throughout the presentation, I'll cover:

  • The typographic grid: its history, usage and application on the web
  • Different types of grid: modular, columnar, hierarchical, rational, irrational,
  • Designing a grid system
  • Now you've got your grid, how do you use it?

a much needed session

We've run smack-dab into 960's limitations for designing an online newspaper site, and had to create our own hacks to make it work.

Thanks for taking this on, Mark.