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Drupal for Media + Edipresse Success Story

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Business case of Drupal for publishers + How Edipresse (Swiss French Media) succeed to earn money with news website produce 11 website under Drupal in 18 months
September 3, 2009 - 09:00 - 09:45
La Galerie
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JP Ingold will give short introduction of the business case of Drupal for the media industry and publisher.

In recent years media related organisations have expressed strong interest in Drupal. This session aims to encourage more media organisations switch to Drupal. From pure player to dead tree press, not forgetting Radio and TV more and more media are choosing Drupal, Why?

This non-technical session is designed primarily for people working in the media industry to help visualise using Drupal for their business model, it will be of interest to both internal dev teams and independent Drupal shops in this domain.

After this 20 minutes talk PJ Duvivier will explain how How Edipresse(Swiss French Media) succeed to earn money with news website produce 11 website under Drupal in 18 months

The majority of the big online newspaper loose money on the web.

But in 3 years between 2006 and 2009, Edipresse succeed to stop loosing money with its classic news website based on Drupal and will earn money in 2010 with them. Producing more than 11 media website under Drupal, the Edipresse's case with Drupal is an example of what big media company could do.

Going far away from the classic display business model, the marketing / technical and commercial team invent a new way to seduce advertiser with new product.

We will how Drupal CMS is the good answer to produce flexibility and quickly deliver this new products

This session will give you some of the Edipresse's hints to earn money with your classic news website.

It could be the first step to begin to forget the media crisis on the web.

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