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jQuery for designers and themers

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Funk up your sites and designs with jQuery
September 4, 2009 - 11:20 - 12:10
David Weill
From zero to hero
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Slides are available at (Google Docs).
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Sample code is available at
Commentary and post-session notes are available at the blog.

Funk up your sites and designs with jQuery.

Small non-intrusive animations and interactions can greatly enhance the user experience and impress website visitors and clients. jQuery and jQuery UI make it easy to add these enhancements with little or no knowledge of javascript. Learn how!

No understanding of jQuery, javascript or even Drupal theming is required, but a good understanding of advanced CSS selectors (e.g. "#page #content > p a.read_more {}") and how HTML elements are nested (DOM) is important.

About required knwoledge

Thank you for saying what's required for the audience to know in order to follow the session. However, could it be more precise, maybe self explanatory, documented, with links? I know I ask a lot but here is why.

I've attended DrupalCon already. But as my knowledge is limited to HTML, CSS and design, with no willing to enter such things as PHP, I've been, I have to say, totally lost in EVERY session (Szeged 2008)... even the conferences for themers ended like a PHP marathon. So even if DC is still cool for all the poeple to meet there, I wish I could get more from it. So, for that I am OK and ready to prepare myself, by reading any piece of information you can give to me or point me at.

I do really think that sessions could be very much more efficient if we could work on it before the conference itself : ex; the talker opens a forum, post his table of content, his teporary slides, audience react, ask questions etc. So the speaker can prepare even more, the audience can be teased, and prepared as well. I know it requires extra work and time.

I have published the comment above w/out being logged...

But I swear I wrote it :)

Vincent. There will be very

Vincent. There will be very little or no PHP in this session. The only PHP I am likely to demonstrate is drupal_add_js() to get scripts onto the page.

I like the idea of collaborative session-preparation and will keep this in mind. Perhaps you could suggest this in the drupalcon paris forums or to the organisers.

This session proposal is just a draft for now. I have submitted five but will not do all of them. Some will be ommitted naturally by popularity and the session proposal moderation and scheduling process.

Really enjoyed this


this was one of the highlights for me, thanks a lot for opening up a whole new world in a way that made it so accesible.

Really enoyed it!

Hi Mysty, I'm glad you

Hi Mysty, I'm glad you enjoyed it and found it useful. See for my thoughts on the session and the sample code.

Video is available from

Video is available from