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Using Drupal for Media Asset / Content Management, Semantic Syndication / Promotion and Commerce

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How to build a really cool Drupal application to assist artists and content owners to manage, syndicate and promote their art...
September 4, 2009 - 14:50 - 15:40
La Resserre
Business development and strategy
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The distribution options for digital media creators (musicians, filmmakers, photographers and artists in general) are bewildering: Songbird, MySpace, Facebook, iTunes, YouTube, Napster, etc, etc...

Wouldn't if be great if we could upload our content and write descriptions and lyrics to one place - a place that we controlled and owned - and then these files and associated metadata got spread out to all the distribution points that we wanted, automatically?

That's the aim of Kendra Hub - to create a free open source software tool, available from, to simplify the management of digital media catalogues for syndicating to distribution platforms, promoting to new advanced semantic search engines (like Yahoo!'s SearchMonkey) and selling direct to consumers.

In this presentation we'll go through how we're going to do it. From the use of semantic web technologies employed using Drupal all the way to managing media catalogues.

We'll be looking at how the following modules can be used specifically for managing and syndicating media assets:


  • Daniel Harris (dahacouk), Kendra Initiative, Project Lead, Drupal Profile, Groups Profile. Runs (1999 to present) Kendra Initiative - open media marketplace and interoperability research project. Ran (1995 to 2001) Cerbernet - business ISP based in London, UK. Ran (1994 to 1996) Cerberus Sound & Vision - created Cerberus Digital Jukebox - the first system for copyright protected Internet-based music distribution. Runs (1999 to present) Freewheelers - travel sharing/matching website.
  • Stéphane Corlosquet (scor), Digital Enterprise Research Institute, Semantic Web Lead, Drupal Profile, Groups Profile. Stéphane has been a Drupal user and contributor since 2006. He is the maintainer of RDF CCK, Neologism and Evoc. He talked at several DrupalCons and BarCamps promoting the Semantic Web and Drupal.
  • Darren Mothersele (darrenlondon), Darren Mothersele, Development Lead, Drupal Profile, Groups Profile. Founding member of digital music distribution company Uploader. Worked with music industry and built systems for B2B distribution of music assets. Headed up technical operations until its acquisition by IODA in 2007. A user of Drupal since 2003 and full time Drupal developer since 2007.
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