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September 5th: Dinner on floating restaurant (8:00-8:15PM)

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Hey everyone,

The Montreal contingent has booked a night on a cruising Seine river boat-restaurant for Saturday night for all Drupalers (from anywhere) who are still in town. Here are the details (places are limited to 10, we already have 3, sign up here by posting your name):


Come and have a last great dinner (and drinks, and sights) on September 5th on Le Calife, the most scrumptious restaurant and slowest boat on the Seine. Reservations have been made for 5, stretchable to around 10. Bring yourself, your loved ones, whether you met them here or there, and we`ll have an awesome awesome time.

Location Details: We'll meet between 8PM and 8:15 at Quai Malaquais (mah-lah-kay), which is about a 15 minutes walk from the nearest metro stations (Pont Neuf, Louvre Rivoli, or Musée du Louvre/Palais Royal -- see map -- Louvre Rivoli is closest but the two others have nicer walks and extend the trek by a solid 3 minutes), and is across from the Louvre Museum (cross the Ponts Des Arts -- "ponday zarh" -- from the Louvre -- "loovhrr" -- , and it will be on your right). The restaurant is called Le Calife and is an old wrought-iron decorated 1940s black-painted boat (

The sights and food will be amazing. If you haven't yet seen Notre Dame de Paris or the Eiffel Tower by night, or even the original miniature copy of the Statue of Liberty before the gigantor version was built and gifted, you'll enjoy this. Don't miss the boat !



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Cap reached, but show up anyway

The maximum that I can reserve on one list with one credit card has been reached (Cary + Judy, Eve, Crell, Amye, Lambic + Guest + SO, SO + myself), but if you feel like coming and didn't make the list, two options:

1. Show up anyway; I've always been able to get in even in hot periods, as they always have a table or two stowed away somewhere
2. Start up a new list here and get someone to do a CC reservation

It will be awesome.


Louis-Eric @ 63reasons

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Count me in!

Crell (Larry) and amye (Amye) are in! If there's some other way to let you know than this, um, let us know. :-)

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rsvp yes

Hi, I'll be here and I would like to come!