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La Netscouade

Internet is a new social space. Getting in contact on Facebook, reading online newspapers, discussing about the news on forums, finding school friends, sharing pictures, shopping online , talking on messenger or on twitter, comparing prices, doing researches in an online encyclopedia, replying to a public consultation, creating a blog... all these are different activities we used to do in the "physical" world so far. And the list is getting looser day after day, it's getting more sophisticated.

This new social space is complex, constantly moving, growing.

To approach this new field in our social life - whether we are a company, an institution or an individual -, several occupations and competences are required: mapping the web, oberserving it, whatching its online reputations, setting up strategies of presence and influence, designing a website, developping it, putting it in a network of websites, livening it up, handling virtual communities, organizing debates, taking in charge digital public relations, etc.

La Netscouade is a web agency made up of 20 people trying to cover these new occupations of the digital world. It was created in June 2007 by 5 associates coming from complementary fields for the internet: an artistic director, an internet observer, an engineer, an internet project manager,and a consultant about 2.0 Web.

La Netscouade articulates its service in 4 big professions: Study, Communicate, Influence, Participate

Job offers :

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