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Drupal Job-fair, get prepared !

So all job seekers and potential new employers will meet on the 3rd of September in the Honnorat room of the DrupalCon venue. What can you do in the mean time?

For starters, you should prepare your "30 seconds elevator pitch".

Excusez-moi? Elevator Pitch? C'est quoi?
An elevator pitch is simply a thirty second talk why employers should hire you. Format and method of delivery are totally up to you. The only rule is that it should not last more than 30 seconds. Don't fail or...

Ah, and before we forget: Platinum or Gold sponsors also have the opportunity to pitch themselves to potential new hires. Same rule: 30 seconds and not a second more.

That's all for now. Enjoy the conference!

Here's some practical info:

Drupal Job-fair.
Thursday 3rd, September.
Entrance is free for all

Honnorat room.
La Maison Internationale, Cité universitaire. Paris

Videos for this?

Do you have some of the example videos for this? I am an aspirant and will like to join in some subsequent Drupalcons and an example of how you really do it would be nice.

Thanks in advance,