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We realize that attending one or both of the international Drupal conferences is prohibitively expensive for some. That's why we're continuing the fine tradition of offering different kinds of scholarships.

This year the DrupalCon Scholarship Fund will help get more than 60 students, promising developers and valuable contributers to Paris.

Scholarships are funded in part by the contributions of our sponsors, and in part by the proceedings of the commercial training day, generously donated by most, if not all, of the trainers.

Scholarship types

Open scholarships:
Open to all and largely cover admission, travel and lodging up to 7 nights.

CloseTheGap scholarships:
Largely cover admission, travel and accommodation up to 7 nights. These scholarships are reserved for applicants living, studying or working in developing nations. We're using the U.N. definition of developing nation as a baseline here.

Local scholarships:
Fully covering admission and accommodation up to 7 nights. Intended for French residents only.

We strongly believe scholarships like these can make a difference and be the tipping point for local Drupal development and widespread adoption of open source software.

How to apply

Let us know who you are and why you should be at DrupalCon. We'd like to know how you've already contributed to Drupal and/or how you plan to do so in the future.

Tell us what you need in terms of financial and practical assistance. If you've already come up with ways to (partially) cover your needs, be sure to let us know.

If you're a student be sure to provide official documentation (official confirmation letter of enrollment plus a copy of your student card, a contact person) from your university, college or school. A letter of recommendation wouldn't hurt either.

If you're willing to work as a volunteer before, during or after the conference, be sure to let us know too. Your help will be most welcome.

The application form is part of your user profile on this site. You'll be able to revise your application as often as necessary leading up to the deadline.


All applications need to be submitted in English, before July 1st. The earlier you apply, the more time we have to get in touch to ask for clarifications and help you make a stronger case.

Decision Panel

An external panel will be making the decision, who to grant scholarships, to assure impartiality.
The jury members are:

  • Angie Byron
  • Yves Chedemois
  • Kristof van Tomme
  • Benjamin Melan├žon

Good luck to everyone and see you in September!