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Videos and Presentation Material

A couple of people asked when the videos will be up:
Kristof and his team are working on it, as there were some changes for uploading on
They should all be up by end of this week.

And another couple of people asked whom to send presentation material to:
That would also be Kristof and his team. But, if you do not have his contacts, please send it to me and I will forward.


Videos for job fair?

Do you have videos for the job fair? It will be great to have those as well.


videos can be found here

It took a little while to get the videos up, as changed everything (encoding, uploading) and thus made it harder on the video team to upload videos.

Now, videos can be found here

Some slides (not yet all) can be found here

Thanks for your understanding.

Ok, videos available; did people submit slides?

It's hard to see the slides in some of the videos. Are the presentations online yet?

Email us

Please email everyone (if you can) to say when and where the videos are available. We are already desperate to download them :)


Will definitely let all of you know and make a big announcement.

Haven't got an official "GO" from the video team yet.

Some are already up. I guess

Some are already up. I guess the video team are waiting until they're all up to make an official announcement, but for those that can't wait...

Search for them at:

Thanks for the answer,

Thanks for the answer, looking forward to seeing the videos !


I'm so excited for the videos!