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Voting on Sessions

The session proposals are done and ready.

Now you still have some time to be able to vote on them, so we can see which sessions are on the top of your lists and plan the schedule accordingly.

Get busy using your right to vote again, as this is your event!

Deadline will be Sunday, 12th July

Here is how you do it (if you don't know already):

Step 1
Go to the sessions list.

Step 2
Browse through it by filtering etc. Once you have found a topic that you want to vote for, click on the button in the upper right corner:

Step 3
Once it is green, it shows that you have voted and you can see all the sessions in My Attending Sessions in your profile.

Click again to cancel your vote.

Requirements to vote?

Do you have to be a registered attendee to vote?

...Sponsor can't vote...


..sponsor(s) cant' vote ?



Yes, you have to be an attendee. See last paragraph of this post:

yes it seems only registered

yes it seems only registered attendees can vote for sessions they want to attend


I have to admit that I am really disappointed by this. There will be many members of the Drupal community who will not be able to make the trip to Paris. If part of the reason for recording the sessions is for the benefit of those who can't attend, why shouldn't they be allowed to express an interest in the sessions that get presented?